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Summit Community Services Society

Summit Community Services Society is a non-profit society and a registered charitable organization based in Cranbrook, BC dedicated to promoting community well being by providing a continuum of quality, accessible, client-centred support, childcare, and intervention services.

Founded in 1971 and incorporated in 1973, Summit Community Services Society (SCSS) was created to enrich the lives of local residents by providing community services without stigma. Today, SCSS provides a range of social services including counselling, early childhood development, early years programming, and seniors programming in Cranbrook and Kimberley.

Our two distinct branches consist of: 1) owning and managing daycare centres and 2) providing various forms of counselling services to those in need. Headquartered in the SCSS owned Mike Carey building in Cranbrook, the society has a staff of 35 full-time and part-time employees and is guided by a Board of Directors composed of local citizens who volunteer their time and expertise to oversee the operation of the society.

Our Vision, Mission, Mandate, and Values 


Fostering communities where all individuals and families are supported and empowered to live the lives they desire. 


Summit Community Services Society is dedicated to promoting community well-being by providing quality, accessible, client-centred support and intervention services in a respectful manner, childcare services, and support programs for seniors and other populations with under-served needs.


  • To provide therapeutic counselling services to individuals, children, families, and groups to address a wide range of needs arising from trauma and loss. 
  • To provide quality childcare through all daycare programs from infant/toddler to preschool to after school care. 
  • To provide a continuum of support services to groups including victims of crime and/or traumatic loss, seniors, underserved men and other individuals, children, families, and groups to address the widest possible range of needs. 
  • To provide intervention services that will increase client resiliency and coping skills to improve satisfaction with life and their ability to contribute to their community. 
  • To lead the way in Early Childhood Education programming, staff support/development and innovations in care and support of families 
  • To advocate for individual, children, families, and groups to help ensure their needs are being addressed and their rights are acknowledged. 
  • To provide referrals for individuals, families, and groups to ensure that their needs are addressed. 
  • To provide resources that may assist clients and service providers in addressing needs of both individuals and the community. 
  • To educate the public and create awareness on significant wellness and social issues. 


Summit Community Services Society’s work is founded in the belief that all people have the right to lead safe, healthy and productive lives. 

  • Community Service: Providing services for anyone in need, with no stigma. Addressing critical gaps in community services so that no person is left behind. 
  • Compassionate: Serving all individuals and families with care and dignity 
  • Dependable: Fully committed to supporting personal resilience and well-being for all clients 
  • Equality: Providing services to diverse populations, especially underserved and/or marginalized populations, and supporting equitable access for all 
  • Professional: Delivering high quality programs and services in an ethical, accountable, and welcoming manner. 
  • Respect: Expressing meaningful recognition and appreciation for Summit staff and all individuals in our community.

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